What We Do

Our organization is involved in many key projects

Child Labour Eradication Special School Program

From 2009, and in collaboration with the Indian Government’s Ministry of Labour, under the National Child Labour Eradication Project (NCLP), established a school for former child laborers, ages 8-14 at Swarna Bharathi nagar, Guntur. The goal of BASS is to educate these children and eradicate child labour. Children receive primary education, vocational training, physical education and social and emotional support for their development. Also serves nutritious lunch. NCLP project is stopped by the government of Indian throughout India from 2022; hence all our children were mainstreamed to regular schools.

Child Development

The development of our society relies completely on the development of our children. By developing children, we do not only invest in their future and that of their families, but also in the future of our nation. Child development however, depends entirely on the quality of care and attention we as a society pay to their well-being and education. Many children in poor communities in rural and urban areas in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh are missing the opportunities to dream of a bright future. With the prevailing poverty, illiteracy and lack of infrastructure, children in rural areas are being let down in terms of care and education. Lack of sufficient and regular income forces parents to send their children to work in slate quarries, handloom and lime industry. While being exposed to harsh and dangerous conditions and malnutrition, children become physically weak and suffer from health problems.

BASS works hard to end this chain of suffering that has gone on for generations by strengthening child support systems in a comprehensive manner.

Upper Primary School for slum Children

BASS established primary education schools for slum children at CPI colony slum, Dasaripalem slum since 2009 with cooperation from Rajiv Vidya Mission, Government of India and Bet Lev foundation, USA. More than 250 children benefiting through this school facilitate free primary education and upper primary education up to 7th classes with nutrition meal, uniforms, books to the children. At least 80 children successfully completed their primary education in this school were currently at high schools, colleges and Graduation courses. Need partnership for this school to improve standards.

After school Learning centers

BASS operates 4 after school learning centres in Guntur city including one centre for waste picker children. These centres are working evening time from 6 to 8 p.m. with expert teachers. We are also providing nutrition snacks or meals to meal children. The main aim of the centre is to improve classroom subjects, life skills and best behaviour and improvement of attendance in the formal schools. 150 children benefiting through this program.

Medical relief- First aid medical centers and wellness Centre

BASS is facilitating health awareness camps and community based first aid medical centres for slum communities for first aid and health awareness. With the collaboration of Organic India operating a health wellness centre in slums with free medical check-ups and distribution of needed medicines. A qualified nurse operates this centre for basic medical check-up’s timely to refer further treatments to the patients.

Worksite school for seasonal migrated child labor in brick industries

BASS is working for the prevention of child labour in brick industries, every year more than 200 families with their children are migrating on seasonal base to work in 11 brick industries at Choutappal, Telangana from Odisha state. Therefore, BASS has been working here by establishing a special worksite school since 2015. We have successfully completed 7 worksite school batches with the cooperation of the Bet Lev Foundation and other fundraising platforms. Best appreciation rewarded from government departments for this project.

Emergency relief program for flood victims in Kerala

BASS is always ready to work for the emergency relief activities since its inception, 2018 BASS is organizing an emergency relief program to 300 flood victims in Kerala with the cooperation from Global Giving. BASS is also providing emergency relief of urgent food and ration kits to flood affected families in Andhra Pradesh 2021. BASS is always In front to attend to any emergency needs either man made or natural disasters.

Community Based Disaster Preparedness

BASS successfully completed a Community based disaster preparedness program in 15 sea coast cyclone prone villages in Guntur district with support from Caritas India. Community Based Development. BASS is an expert in community-based development programs.


BASS is actively engaged in Covid relief to the vulnerable families who are identified as at risk of starvation due to lockdown. BASS provides essential food supplies and sanitary kits and immunity boost food ration kits to the needy children and families. BASS has distributed essential food ration kits to 18000 families since April 2020.


BASS has started aged care programs since June 2020 to serve care and daily meal supply to 100 abandoned vulnerable elderly people who are severely affected at risk of starvation in three locations in Guntur district. BASS intended to continue the care and daily meal program for the aged people living in slums in Guntur. Please support me.

College Education Sponsorship for poor students

BASS is supporting education sponsorship to the few selected bright poor students who are studying in Intermediate, BSc. Nursing, B. Tech and other professional Graduation courses. The support is provided for college Tuition fee, hostel fee, mess fee and other educational material support. Intermediate course is for two years and Nursing and BTech and other professional courses will be for a 4 years period. Request for support to many poor students.

Care and Nutrition support to HIV/Aids vulnerable children

BASS is providing regular immunity booster nutrition and essential groceries ration kits to vulnerable orphan and semi orphan HIV infected children in Guntur district. We need to support 50 HIV orphan children monthly in Guntur district.


BASS works with the poorest and most marginalised communities and youth who have faced nothing but great misery in their lives and they feel trapped in a state of despair. Poverty has passed on for many generations and their hope for change and a better future for their children, has long gone lost. They have resigned with their fate of poverty and developed a negative attitude not only towards their future, but also towards society in general. In order to combat this negativity, BASS is trying to transform the mindset of these people and build confidence among them that change is possible. We sensitise underprivileged communities by helping its leaders believe that they can improve the lives of their people, create positive thinking, become organised and make significant changes for overall development.


The frequency of natural disasters like tsunamis, cyclones, fires and floods in our target areas often cause an overwhelming demand for instant aid and recovery measures. Too often entire villages are washed away by floods or burnt to the ground by rampant fires, leaving its people not only deprived of shelter and their belongings, but also of their livelihood. BASS always try to help the victims of these disasters and take up activities for immediate relief and recovery.

Immediate disaster relief activities include: Health care and restoration of drinking water sources, Temporary relocation of affected communities to safer places, Supplementing Government support for food, clothing and blankets,

Recovery and prevention measures include: -Helping to restore livelihood infrastructures for farmers and fishermen, repairing damaged community structures such as schools, extending training to community organisers on trauma counselling and Providing emergency preparedness training in coastal areas.

Orphanage Home for Abandoned Girls (Child Care Institution)

BASS provides living and educational accommodations for most vulnerable girls. Currently 30 abandoned girls get new life through this program. This home is constructed in 2 acers land with peaceful atmosphere. Required cooperation and financial support to admit a greater number of girls in the home. This home is recognised and gets licensed from Child Welfare, Government of India under juvenile justice act.