Primary Education CentersDaily Healthy Meals for Children
ORGANIC INDIA Wellness CenterRecreational Activities (sports & dance)
Community-wide Safe Water WellFestivals & Celebrations
Bet Lev Foundation Scholarship FundVocational Training & Apprenticeships
Education of Brick Industry ChildrenTraining of Medical Center Staff
Construction of School BuildingsConstruction of Kitchen & Bathrooms

What We've Accomplished Together

The Department of Education of Andhra Pradesh now recognizes BASS Schools as credentialed through the seventh class, in both Telugu and English.

BASS is now a recognized collaborator with the National Child Labor Project.Through the project, 50 out-of-schoolchildren, ages 9 to 14, receive literacy and vocational training and support to transition into a trade or into higher education.

Serving over 200 families, a community-based ORGANIC INDIA Wellness Center with medical Support has been established at Chandra Rajeswararaonagar slum, that operates with a qualified nurse who is a native of the locality. Staff from ORGANIC INDIA trained the staff and support them with health supplements and ongoing consultation.

Safe drinking water for the students, and the entire community is provided through a well that was installed at the beginning of the project collaboration

Two school locations now have permanently constructed buildings with eight classrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms and playing fields.

Parent committees have formed to work together to guide staff regarding the needs of the children and their families, and for general community organizing.

The child labor rate at the three educational sites has diminished by over 90 percent.These sites are: Chandra Rajeswararaonanagar Slum (CPI Colony) Guntur, which is the main project location; the Lingayapalem Slum (Ramarajunagar slum) Guntur; and the Brick Industries areas Choutuppal, Yadadri District, Telangana.

Currently, 275 children attend school fulltime, have school uniforms, educational materials, eat daily meals, receive health care and participate in sports and recreational activities.

New collaborations and partnerships have been formed with local leaders, the Department of Education, and the National Child Labor Project.

BASS Schools have also been acknowledged by the local government for excellence in contributing to the welfare of children.

In 2019, a Bet Lev Foundation Scholarship Fund was established for high achieving students who are supported in pursuing advanced studies in other local schools or boarding schools. Currently, 11students are enrolled.

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